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    Request EMA bands

    The flexibility of the elastic bands allow for individualization and the ability for quick and easy adjustments to provide optimum results.

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    Request Panthera Rods

    Rod replacements are QUICK & EASY

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    Request a Repair

    All Repairs must be assessed by our Dental Sleep Lab to determine if the repair is covered under your warranty.

Our Mission

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Apnea & Breathing Clinic was carefully developed with one mindset “Patient First”. From the comprehensive evaluation for Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT), through individualized appliance selection, design and treatment, to the financial belief in reducing patient costs and allowing everyone access to the treatment they deserve. We believe that no patient is the same, no situation is identical and collaboration with the patient’s physician(s) is imperative to ensure complete patient care. Apnea & Breathing Clinic has created the most complete patient experience to get back to our essential goal in Dental Sleep Medicine, successful treatment and exceptional service for the patient.

Our Vision

Establishing a new standard for Dental Sleep Medicine, designed to ensure patient care takes precedence.

Our Values

Committed to Excellence

We believe that performing to the highest standards on behalf of our patients, is fundamental to our identity as an organization

Working Together

We believe that our greatest potential can only be achieved in a collaborative environment of common purpose and shared success.

Our friendly team at Apnea & Breathing Clinic San Diego take pride in serving and building relationships with our patients. Dr. Chase Bennett strives to provide individualized care to improve the quality of life for each and every patient. We welcome you to contact our office today to learn more about us and to schedule a visit with Dr. Bennett in San Diego, California.

  • 80%

    Undiagnosed OSA

    Millions of Americans are suffering but believe “it can’t be me!”

  • 50%

    Untreated OSA

    Many patients get frustrated when one therapy isn’t successful for them. They end up missing out on amazing quality life and health benefits.

  • 83%

    Success for mild to Moderate OSA w/OAT

    Our success isn’t dependent only on numbers on a test but also on improving the quality of life for our patients.

  • 63%

    Success for Severe OSA w/OAT

    While not the gold standard or most appropriate initial therapy, when other therapies can’t or won’t work, OAT can be a successful secondary option.


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